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The Best Places to Buy a House in DC, Virginia, and Maryland

Whether you want to walk to the hottest restaurants, invest somewhere with climbing values, land in a top school district, or live on lots of acreage, we’ve got your neighborhood.

The Best Places to Buy a House in DC, Virginia, and Maryland
Illustrations by Radio.

Hottest Neighborhoods in Washington, DC, Maryland, VirginiaThe Hottest Neighborhoods in Washington

Five neighborhoods where home values are quickly rising, house hunters are flocking, and new development is on the way.

Illustration by Radio.Neighborhoods Around DC Where Home Values Hold Steady

Prices in these five reliable neighborhoods have held steady over the last decade, thanks to family-friendly communities, pretty streetscapes, and plenty of places to play and explore.

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Washington, DC, Maryland, VirginiaThe Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Washington

Top schools, prime location, ample land, lush vistas—whatever you want to spend your money on, you’ll find it in one of our area’s priciest neighborhoods.

washington neighborhoodWhat’s the Right Washington Neighborhood For You?

Want a ‘hood that’s dog-friendly, historic, and completely walkable? Here are the Washington neighborhoods local real estate agents recommend looking at.

downsizingDo You Really Need to Downsize?

Many wealthy boomers are choosing between luxury downtown condos and staying put on suburban acreage. Here, two case studies in how the lifestyles—and neighborhoods—measure up.

Photograph by Evy Mages.The Surprising History of One DC Rowhouse

A dig into the history of a single Columbia Heights house shows the area’s dramatic change has been decades in the making.

dcwaterfront_southwestwaterfront3 Neighborhoods That Are Making DC’s Waterfront Hot

Unlike in other great American cities, DC’s waterfront hasn’t been its most desirable area. See how these neighborhoods are changing that.

exurbs-idlewild_thumbnail3 Exurbs That Might Lure You From Washington

Headlines have you believe everyone’s moving to cities, but there’s a flip side: a building spurt in exurbs to accommodate those who don’t consider anything past Vienna the boonies.