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Photos from Washingtonian’s 2019 Top Dentists Reception

Top dentists in the Washington area were honored with a reception at Lincoln.

Photos from Washingtonian’s 2019 Top Dentists Reception
Sally Cram, Kathleen Mullaney, Annette Rendon, and Paige Quillin.

Washingtonian celebrated those named on its annual Top Dentists list featured in the March 2019 issue with a cocktail reception at Lincoln on March 19th, 2019. Dentists and their guests were able to enjoy delicious appetizers and cocktails provided by the host restaurant. The honorees also had the opportunity to pose for their very own faux Washingtonian magazine cover courtesy of Washington Talent Agency.

Thank you to our event host: Lincoln

All photos by Jeff Elkins

Top Dentists and their guests arriving for the cocktail reception at Lincoln.
Guests could pick up a copy of the Top Dentist list featured in the March 2019 issue at the event.
Emilio Canal, Wayne Dollard, Anthony Moawad, and Michael Messina.
Joseph Catanzano and Jill Bruno
Honorees wait eagerly to have their photo taken for their very own faux Washingtonian cover.
Delicious bites, like these fried macaroni & cheese croquettes, were provided by the Lincoln Restaurant.
Danine Fresch Gray and Kim Kitchen.
Paul Singh, Reza Farshey, and Farah Assadipour.


Hamid Kazemi and Kathy Jalali.
Guests enjoyed biscuit and mini chicken & waffle bites from the build-your-own sandwich station.
Vincent Cohen, Lisa Cohen, and Brian Robinson.
Anastasia Mischenko and Christopher Banks.
Steven Kaufman and Lindsey Friedman.
Luke Schwartz and Brian Gray.
Imani Lewis, Alonzo Bell, Avionne Hill Bennett, and Steve Bennett.
George Jong and Allen Robinson.
Michael Pollack poses with his copy of the March 2019 issue.
Charlie Vann and Maribel Vann.
Ikem Nwolisa and Valerie Okehie.
Michelle Snyder, Jonathan Colton, and Samuel Lievand.
Ricardo Perez and Washingtonian’s Cathy Merrill Williams.
Erin Smith and Daria Hamrah.
Honorees mingled in the highly detailed decorated space honoring the restaurant’s namesake, Abraham Lincoln.
Todd Galkin and Robin Galkin.