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9 Ways to Take Advantage of Unexpectedly Nice Weather Around DC

Photograph by stbaus7 via iStock/Getty Images Plus.

Washington winters are long and dreary, a tedious parade of overcast days. When the weather improves, don’t wait to take advantage of it: The monotony will return soon. Here are 9 ideas for enjoying unseasonably nice weather before it passes:

Take a walk near water

Check in with birds, take in a waterfall, or have a picnic.

Enjoy a scenic drive

Wind your way through back roads and make stops for coffee or ice cream along the way.


Eat or drink by the water

People-watch at the Wharf or behold the mighty Chesapeake. Just be sure to call ahead—it’s still winter!


Go ice skating

There’s something quite decadent about skating without a jacket. Try it.


Drink outdoors

Enjoy some fresh air alongside swanky snacks and alcofrolic delights.


Venture forth in search of beer

Some of these spots are scenic. All serve beer. How can you lose?


Take your dog out on the town

A dog-friendly bar is an ideal place to teach Fido that hoomans can make mistakes, too.


Go for afternoon tea

Oh, you are fancy.

Take a hike, buddy

Thanks to the National Park Service, you have lots of choices for short, moderate, and strenuous hikes nearby.