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English Rose Garden

3209 O Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 | 202-333-3306 | visit website

English Rose Garden, A Floral Boutique, specializes in Weddings, Special Events, home and office installations, as well as daily deliveries. Tareneh and her experienced design team create memorable and unforgettable events with freshly imported flowers from around the world. 

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Most Incredible Orchids

Review By: Shani L.

Wedding Date: May 4, 2013

English Rose Garden provided Orchids for my wedding and reception in early May and the flowers ended up being more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. When planning my wedding I was dreading the flowers most of all. I wanted simple beautiful flowers that could stand on their own without any fillers and didn’t want pressure to increase my budget or add more arrangements.

I found English Rose Garden online and set up a consultation, and when I walked into the store it was full of the most exquisite orchids and floral displays I had ever seen. The design aesthetic was simple and unassuming, letting the beauty of the flowers speak for themselves.

Taraneh was extremely nice, thorough and didn’t waste our time. She took my requests/thoughts and didn’t try to add or change anything even though all I wanted was cascading orchids. When the bouquets arrived the day of my wedding they were the most incredible orchids, they were exactly what I had envisioned except even more beautiful than I thought was possible. We had discussed adding filler if needed but I didn’t want much…Taraneh didn’t add any at all. It was like she read my mind and turned the stage of the wedding planning I was dreading the most into the most pleasant experience (and best vendor) of all. It was so effortless working with her.

Every person who saw the orchids (even people off the street) commented on how they were the most beautiful flowers they’d ever seen!

Just Wow

Review By: Kenneth F.

Wedding Date: March 1, 2014

Wow. Really, just wow. Based off the location alone, it was a no brainer. I very quickly picked a dozen of the most beautiful colored roses I’ve ever seen. I stumbled into this store a little over a month ago while desperately looking to buy a dozen roses for my boyfriend last minute. I was very pressed for time and the English Rose Garden just happened to be located a block from my boyfriends business. The store was actually closed when I got there, but the woman inside was gracious enough to let me in. The arrangement she made for me was stunning, and the fact that she was so nice and seemed genuinely happy that she was able to accommodate me was incredibly refreshing. Since then, I have been back twice for more roses, and on my last visit, I had the opportunity to meet the owner who was equally as cordial and accommodating as the woman who took care of me the two times before. My boyfriend still talks about the first bouquet that I got for him, and has stated on many occasions that the color of the roses were the best he’s ever seen. I never thought that a florist could be a place where I would be a “regular” at, but English Rose Garden has quickly become the only place that I will buy floral arrangements from.