Briday Party Chat: If You’re Clueless About Catering . . .

Ask caterer Bunny Dwin your questions about wedding food and drinks.

During last week’s live chat, a groom-to-be asked our guest florist, Rick Davis, what he could say to sound interested in the wedding bouquets. Rick told him to forget the flowers and help with something he was interested in—like the food. So to help this guy—and you—out with all the choices on the catering scene (Buffet or seated dinner? Do we need a vegetarian option? What hors d’oeuvres fit into our fall theme?), Bridal Party is bringing in Bunny Dwin of Provisions Catering for this week’s Q&A session.

About 25 years ago, Bunny seized her love of cooking and turned it into a career: her own catering business, which she started from her home in Baltimore. Bunny has taken cooking classes all over the world, and (I’m pretty jealous of this one) has visited more than 40 countries to sample different foods. She quickly moved from her house to a professional kitchen, and, in 2000, started Provisions, a large catering company based in Silver Spring. She now oversees parties with as few as eight guests and as many as 500.

So take advantage of Bunny’s expertise and ask her anything you want to know about supplying food and drinks for your wedding. You can submit questions now and read the chat transcript after the fact, or ask questions live on Thursday from 11 to noon. I'll be sure to pack a pre-lunch snack, because I know reading this chat is going to make me hungry. 


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