Bridal Party Chat: More Free Advice

Kelley Freeman adds a golden touch to the ballroom of the Willard. Photo courtesy of Rodney Bailey.

I kind of wish tomorrow’s live chat with wedding planner Kelley Freeman could be broadcast—because before entering the events industry, Kelley hosted a radio show (“The Morning Drive” on Ocean City’s WQHQ-FM). But even if it’s just keyboard to keyboard, Kelley will still have some awesome answers to your questions.

Kelley founded her event-planning company, Carte Blanche Fine Events, in 2004, but she started the wedding/catering thing long before that. From 1998 to 2003, she was the catering sales manager and wedding specialist at the Watergate Hotel, where she hosted everyone from First Lady Laura Bush to the king and queen of Sweden. Before that, she was the first special-event manager at Dave & Buster’s in White Flint Mall.

My question: How much would it cost to get a Skee-Ball machine at my wedding? Your question? Well, you fill in the blank. Ask Kelley anything about putting a wedding together and she’ll give you her best advice tomorrow at 11.

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