Bridal Boot Camp: I Hear the Clock, It’s 6 AM

Michelle and her fiancé, Mike, at their engagement party.

If you subscribe to this blog’s e-newsletter (and if you don’t, you should probably get on that), you read two weeks ago that I’ve pulled the (crazy? awesome?) move of joining a 7 AM Saturday workout class for brides. Yes, that means waking up at 6. I, however, am not as crazy or awesome as most of the women in the Fit-Brides program, who also have committed to Tuesday and Thursday evening classes.   

So how are things going? Michelle, who’s getting married in October, is one for two on her goals so far:

“The first week of class was tough. I was sore every day! I’m glad I committed to the program though. Now I’m not as sore, but the classes are still a challenge. Keeping the commitment to attend each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is even more challenging. Since high school I have always made a point to get some kind of exercise, but I’ve been a yo-yo about it at best. That’s my first goal—to develop a habit of exercising regularly—and it’s going really well.

“My second goal is to look strong and healthy in my wedding dress. Working out has increased my appetite, which is sabotaging my hard work. I’m going to have to start watching what I eat. That kills me! I’ll keep you posted.”

My update: I’m overcoming my fear of the gym a little. It turns out trainers aren’t that scary, and they even have fun music on their iPods to get you through class. They are also very, very intense. (Think you’re done with those crunches? “15 more!”) I haven’t seen the payoff yet, but I hope it’s coming.


Fit-Brides at Sport & Health (1800 Old Meadow Rd., McLean; 703-556-6550) runs through May 3, with a second four-week session starting May 7. The cost is $269 for four weeks, $525 for eight. The program is open to non-brides, too. For more information, contact Jessica Milligan at 703-556-6550 or

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