The Reluctant Groomzilla: The Bride of Groomzilla

Josh’s fiancée writes a post!

What’s it like planning a wedding with the Reluctant Groomzilla? Well, it’s definitely not boring. In fact, it adds something special to the experience. How should I describe it? What’s the word I’m searching for? Oh, yeah—drama. There’s definitely nothing “reluctant” about this groomzilla!

Josh is right: I didn’t grow up with outlandish dreams and plans for my wedding. I never imagined what my dress would look like or what flowers would fill my bouquet or which music I would dance to with my new husband. I also never, ever imagined I would be engaged to a man who likes to be involved in every single, minute detail of the wedding. Trust me. Even parts he says he doesn’t care about . . . if I got something he didn’t like, I would so hear about it!

But Josh’s involvement has been truly helpful. Well, except for when I don’t want it. He should know that he should pipe in when I need him to rather than when he wants to. As the loving and attentive fiancé that he is, he should anticipate my every thought and desire for our wedding—and by that I mean he should say, “Yes, dear. Whatever you say, dear.” He shouldn’t argue with me over which flowers we should have at the ceremony or what color drapes we should hang from the ceiling. I mean, come on!

But seriously, I love Josh more than anything. And I love that he’s so excited about our wedding and about being married to me. I just wish he were as attentive to picking up his clothes and cleaning the dishes as he is to our wedding. Oh well—he’s still got a lifetime with me to work on that.

Before I finish, I want to give a big shout-out to the legions of “TRG” fans. It hasn’t been difficult at all living with Josh since he started this blog. Well, that’s not entirely true . . . it has been difficult getting his overswelled head through the door sometimes.


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