A Washingtonian Wedding: The Final Week

Just days before the big event, Emily updates us on how it’s going.

Drew and I are sitting in Reston Town Center’s Cosi trying to finish up wedding plans before leaving Dodge tomorrow morning. Every one of my female friends who have planned their own weddings has said that it gets so busy the week preceding her big day.

We’re definitely feeling the busyness of these last days, but we’re also facing a blinding excitement. I literally have not slept for a few days. I lie awake with thoughts of Drew and of unfinished wedding plans and of our Paris honeymoon circling above my head, and I literally cannot get to sleep. And in talking to my now-married girlfriends, I’ve learned that the no-sleep phenomenon is very common.

That’s why we’re here, caffeinated with Cosi coffee and fortified with Cosi salads—both working away on our Mac iBooks to finish our last-minute plans. I could just dream these last days away, but there is work to be done. There are seating arrangements to be finalized, last-minute gifts to be bought, notes to be written, directions to be printed, and more.

Drew and I are driving down to Nashville tomorrow, and then the fun will really begin. I’ll write again before the big day arrives and let you know how it’s all going.

We’re so psyched, and thank you all for going through this journey with us!


Emily, a Washington bride-to-be, is getting married in Nashville this weekend. To follow her adventures from the beginning, click here.

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