Mom of the Bride: It’s All Over!

Amanda contemplates the fact that her daughter’s wedding is now just a wonderful memory.

Amanda and the happy couple: Now she’s Mom of the Missus.

What a fabulous week we had partying and hanging out. Although the planning that remained for the week was minimal, we were busy every day. My aunt and uncle hosted a clam bake at their house one night. Sarina and her mom, Saskia, arrived mid-week. The wedding itself went so fast that having the week before with family and friends was priceless. By Friday, everyone had arrived at the beach, and the rehearsal dinner was a big bash that included all the wedding guests.

The whole week and wedding went smooth as silk. The closest thing we had to a glitch was what I prefer to think of as a classic wedding moment. With perfectly coiffed hair and our precise makeup applications, Tiffany, her bridesmaids, and I ventured out to the truck—already cooled by the AC—to go to the aquarium to dress there. Albert was driving—and might have been a little anxious. Although there was no hurry, he began driving faster and faster. In the same moment that I said, “slow down,” Tiffany said, “You’re getting pulled over.” Mind you, it’s quite humid in coastal North Carolina at the end of May. I guess as a safety precaution, the officer made us roll down the rear window—maybe to make sure we didn’t pull a bouquet on him? The policeman asked Albert if he knew how fast he was driving. Did he know what the speed limit was? What was the hurry? Where were we headed? You know the drill. Finally, I couldn’t take any more and explained from the back seat that our hair was going to wilt and our makeup would melt if he didn’t let us put the windows up. So after we answered his questions about the wedding, he congratulated Tiffany and sent us on our way without a ticket.

The aquarium was such a fairytale setting for a wedding—it felt like we were under the sea. My niece, Taylor, thought the whole party was for her. We had gift bags for our guests’ hotel rooms, and Taylor’s family’s bag had special “little girl” items for her. The place cards were photos of the guests, so Taylor was greeted by a picture of herself at her seat. There was a candy bar for the guests, which of course had a special appeal to her. And the aquarium is built-in entertainment for kids. My nephews, Billy and Tyler, danced the night away. Tiffany and Mike planned to have cupcakes for the wedding but later on opted for a cake. People kept asking me where the cupcakes were, but the cake was a hit, with three layers and three flavors. I tasted the chocolate and the almond, and they were both delicious. I think everyone had fun.

Tiffany’s dress was everything she wanted it to be. Not often in life do we achieve perfection, but her dress was truly flawless. She looked like an absolute angel.

After the wedding, Tiffany and Mike spent a few days wandering back up the coast. Tiffany called it a “mini-moon.” They spent a few days on Ocracoke and went to Kill Devil Hills to see the monster truck, Gravedigger. And in Virginia Beach they had old-fashioned wedding portraits made.

Thanks to everyone who has followed the wedding-planning process through this blog. Thanks to family and friends for traveling to be with us for the special day. And most of all, thanks to Tiffany and Mike for sharing your day in such a wonderful way.

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