Tales From the Groom: The Bride Takes Over

Carl's bride relieves him of blogging duties and recounts her top five wedding moments.

Since getting back from the honeymoon, the post-wedding angst has begun to sink in. I glanced at the last month of my calendar and was saddened to realize that my days of mandatory manicures, dress fittings, tastings, and bridal showers are over. In an effort to soften the transition from pre-wedding stress to wedded bliss, I offer you this guest blog: my favorite moments of our wedding weekend (with limited commentary from the groom).1. Carl getting "iced" by my dad. After the rehearsal dinner, there was a very sweet moment when my father clapped Carl on the back, smiled kindly, and called him “son.” He then promptly handed him a Smirnoff Ice. The groomsmen took turns bestowing the “Dude, your dad is awesome!” blessing on me. I can’t confirm or deny any rumors that I “iced” Carl on the honeymoon.

The groom says: Kristin did in fact ice me on our honeymoon, and there’s photo evidence.

2. Glimpsing the grand ballroom. Carl and I snuck into the grand ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel right before our reception began. What we saw took our breath away. It was as though we were looking at a page from one of the many wedding magazines that I had handed to our planner and said, “I know we can’t afford it, but I want it to look like this.” Our fantastic wedding planner, Teresa of Rex & Regina Events, blogged about the event as well. It was stunning.

The groom says: As a reminder to everyone putting together their big day, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Vendors will go far to make you happy.

3. The beer-bottle microphone. Between Carl’s uncle leading everyone in “Livin’ on a Prayer” and the entire crowd on the dance floor singing “Don’t Stop Believin’,” our wedding hit 9.9 out of 10 on the awesome scale. Knowing that friends and family enjoyed themselves thoroughly made the night even more special.

The groom says: My uncle sang at my parents’ wedding in 1977, so it was only fitting. This time, though, the Jersey icon he was channeling was Jon Bon Jovi and not Sinatra.

4. Maui is on fire. Even the best-laid plans can go up in smoke . . . literally. When a massive brush fire took over West Maui, the police closed the roads, and we were stranded on the wrong side of the island after a snorkeling trip. Armed with only our bathing suits, we sought refuge and sustenance. We found both at a little hole in the wall in Wailea: the Four Seasons. Did you know hotels offer “distressed rates”? If you find yourself in a bind, these deals can help you make very affordable reservations at very unaffordable places. Repeatedly reminding people that you’re on your honeymoon doesn’t hurt, either. 

The groom says: There is a two-to-one conversion rate on the number of times you mention you’re on your honeymoon and the number of free bottles of Champagne that land at your feet. Don’t be shy about letting people know. 

5. Prospects of the future. Yes, our wedding was awesome, but it pales in comparison to everything that comes next. Carl and I are positively giddy about spending the rest of our lives together. Take a moment at your wedding to soak in the event, appreciate how far you’ve come, and how many important people in your life helped you get there. But know that part of the thrill of the day is that it’s the sendoff to the beginning of an even grander adventure. Make sure you enjoy it!

Thank you so much for beginning the journey with us!

>> Officially a husband and no longer a groom, Carl's Tales from the Groom officially draws to a close. We'll miss you Carl! To read his story from the beginning, click here