Bride on a Budget: Giving Thanks

In the rush of wedding planning, a bride pauses to appreciate her future husband

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I’ve taken a few moments to reflect on all that I should be thankful for. I’m truly blessed to have wonderful family and friends who have been there for me through a lot, especially as I prepare for this huge life moment: my wedding. I thank them for supporting me as I marry my best friend. And I’m so thankful to have Matt as part of my life. In particular, I’m thankful that Matt . . .

• never finishes all of the milk because he knows I need a little in the morning for my coffee,
• listens to me, even when I know I don’t make any sense,
• does the laundry,
• supports me 100 percent, even if I’m making a wrong decision,
• never says anything when I come home from DSW with four boxes of shoes—he knows I just got a great deal,
• is so genuine—I love that he’s always true to himself,
• disagrees with me when I say I’ll need Botox,
• cleans the toilet and the tub,
• loves me unconditionally, despite the silly and stupid things I do,
• pays the Comcast bill because he knows I really hate Comcast,
• is so smart (He’s totally kicking butt in law school.),
• tells me I’m beautiful, even when I have zit cream on my face,
• wants to marry me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

With that, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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