A Video Love Story: Make a Documentary-Style Film for Your Engagement

Show your wedding guests your “how-we-met” story in a unique, art-directed way

By now we’re all familiar with engagement photo shoots, but we’re also loving the idea of pre-wedding videos, where couples can tell the story of how they met in a film documentary-style format. We particularly loved Ritu and Vic’s “Love Story” video by Suburban Video in Rockville.

According to Cara Bowen, producer and CEO at Suburban Video, videos like these are a great way to create a living, moving memory of a couple’s courtship and engagement.

“It’s an opportunity during the hectic wedding planning time to tell their story straight from the heart,” says Bowen.

Couples meet with Suburban Video before the shoot to choose a filming location that really expresses their personalities: whether it be a visiting a county fair (as in this video), biking, playing minature golf, or even just hanging out at home. Then, Suburban will conduct interviews with the couple, either just audio or with video as well.

“We try to set the scene as though the couple are just telling a friend their story over dinner or coffee,” says Bowen. “It’s best when it’s natural and not forced.”

There are lots of ways to use these “Love Stories” from creating video save-the-dates to putting it on a wedding website, but most couples choose to premiere the film at their wedding.

“It makes a killer prelude to their formal introduction at the reception as husband and wife,” says Bowen. “It has such a powerful impact­—everyone is just in awe.”

The couple in this video, Vic and Ritu, chose to show their video at their wedding to allow their many guests to get to know them a bit better.

“Instead of guests asking the typical ‘how did you meet?’ questions at the wedding, by watching the video, guests felt like they had bonded with the Ritu and Vic,” says Bowen. “Everyone was able to come together and celebrate the couple—it really transformed the event.”

For more information on these “Love Story” videos, visit Suburban Video’s Web site.

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