Beach Wedding Invitation

We’re asking local stationery designers to share their recent favorite creations. Today’s design: a beachy invitation that combines formal and whimsical elements.

The final product. Invitation by Weswen Design, photographs by JT Taylor

With the cooler weather starting to settle in, we find ourselves longing for warm summer weddings at the beach. Lucky for us, Ashburn invitation designer Wendy Wade of Weswen Design sent us a lovely beach wedding invite to bring a little summer brightness to the current chill.

This paper suite was created for a couple who married Labor Day weekend on the Eastern Shore.

“They wanted an invitation that was classy, yet had beachy themes and ideas,” says Wade. “They also loved the idea of placing a little crab somewhere on the invitation, which made me so excited.”

Wade used a marigold, red, and navy color scheme in creating the design.

“Both being avid beachgoers themselves, they loved the idea of seagrass and wanted to see how that might be incorporated,” says Wade. “The trick with this invitation was keeping it elegant, since they were hosting a formal wedding, all while including some natural elements like seagrass and a crab.”

To do this, Wade used formal, traditional fonts, but placed the text inside a box with an organic, ocean-wave-inspired shape. And of course, the little crab is featured at the bottom of the invitation.

“You can always take non-fancy ideas and dress them up,” says Wade. “That’s the fine line I walk all the time when creating an invitation design.”

For more information on Weswen Design, check out Wade’s Web site.