Sunflower Engagement Photos

Ever dream of running through a field of sunflowers with your beloved? Head just up the road to Poolesville like this couple did, and make it happen (only in the summer, though!).

This seriously looks straight out of a movie. All photographs by Michelle VanTine Photography

When we first saw these amazing engagement photos by Michelle VanTine Photography, we immediately wondered: where the heck did this shoot take place? A movie set? Oz?

No, we found out that these photos were shot at the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolesville, which features acres and acres of sunflowers during the summer—peak blooming season is in July, so get planning for next year.

Melissa, who lives in Centreville, and Dan, of Silver Spring, originally had planned on staging their engagement shoot in October. But this summer, their photographer called them to see if they’d be interested in moving their photo session up so that they’d be able to take advantage of the blossoming flowers.

“The flowers were definitely a sight to see,” she says. “Who wouldn’t love to run through a huge field of sunflowers? We definitely had fun and you can see it in the photos.”


While the couple was a little nervous to pose in front of the camera, their photographer quickly assuaged their fears.

“I think the best thing you can do is find a photographer that you’re comfortable around and that you can communicate well with,” says Melissa. “From the moment we met her it was as if we had known each other for years, so getting in front of the camera was a breeze. My fiance, who is usually pretty camera shy, was actually the star of the shoot! We had fun with our photos and just acted like ourselves.”

Melissa’s favorite shot? The photo of Dan lifting her in the air in the midst of the glorious sunflowers (top left photo).

“We were laughing so hard when that shot was taken,” says Melissa. “It really captures our laughter, smiles, and love.”