Vote For Your Favorite New Wedding Dress: The Semifinals (Round Two)

The winners of our last dress polls battle for the championship slot.

For the past week, we’ve been asking you to select your favorite hot-off-the-runway wedding dress in a variety of categories, and yesterday, we brought you the first semifinal round. It looks like the romantic lace Watters gown has pulled ahead, but there’s still time for another design to come from behind (the polls close end-of-day Monday).

Today, we’re presenting the last winners—from the short dress, sexy gown, ballgown, and ­beach dress polls—for you to weigh in on. Turns out two of the polls (short dresses and sexy gowns) were just too close to call, so there are six gowns to choose from.

You’ll have the weekend to vote for your favorite, and the winner of this poll will make it to our final round on Tuesday.