The Runner’s Guide to Washington

Who runs this town?
“LOVE” © 2017 Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer. Commissioned and funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC Creates Public Art Building Communities Program. Located in Shaw’s Blagden Alley: 926 N St Rear, NW, Washington, DC. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

At some point between Teddy Roosevelt looping through Rock Creek Park for his evening jogs and Ivanka Trump footing it through Kalorama, Secret Service in tow, Washington became obsessed with running. Who are the area’s most elite runners? Where can you run in the middle of the workday? And what if all you want to do is run for beer? We’ve got all that and more in The Runner’s Guide to Washington.

These articles appeared in the June 2018 issue of Washingtonian.

Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen ([email protected]) is a freelance writer in Alexandria.