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April 2016: Great Places to Live in Washington, DC

Photograph of Arts and Crafts bungalow in DC’s Palisades by Anice Hoachlander

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Great Places to Live

Whether you dream of walking to hot restaurants, investing somewhere with climbing values, landing near great schools, or living on lots of acreage, we’ve got your neighborhood. Edited by Marisa Kashino.

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Great Places to Live
Where’s the best place to live in Washington? Read our feature to find out.

Washington’s Spotlight

April marks the 40th anniversary of the premiere of All the President’s Men. In this oral history, Beltway and Tinseltown players behind the film explain how the most defining movie of Washington got made against overwhelming odds. By Michael Gaynor.

What to Wear to Work Right Now

The new rules on looking smart at the office, including bold shirt-and-tie combos, beard-grooming etiquette, how to wear pink, and our favorite flats, accessories, and online shopping destinations. Plus—what six Washingtonians wear to work. By Sarah Zlotnick with Caroline Cunningham.

The Other Lerner

You know the Lerners as the Washington real-estate dynasty that turned the Nationals into playoff material. But there’s one member you might not know about—and for 30 years, he has waged an epic legal battle against his family that has transpired almost entirely out of public view. By Luke Mullins.

In This Issue

Great Places to Live
Go to the Kingman Bluegrass Festival, and many other music and film festivals, this April. Photograph by Michael D. Spencer.

Capital Comment

Decoding candidates’ facial expressions. . . DC’s litigator for bike commuters . . . The tale of the migrating synagogue. . . Ten places for Alexander Hamilton fans.

Behind the Scenes

How the designer of the First Family’s china sets her own table.

Where & When

The 20 performances, exhibits, and other things worth your time this month.


Great Places to Live
The Washington Post just hired the best ombudswoman in history. Too bad she’s not going to do that job for the paper. Illustration by Isabel Espanol.

Interview Arlington’s John Vihstadt on how conservatives can win in blue suburbs.
Media The Post just hired a celebrated ombudswoman—who unfortunately won’t be doing that job for the paper.
Cityscape Reincarnating zombie office parks as hubs for artsy warehouse culture.


Great Places to Live
How to visit Charleston, the Washington way. Photograph by Sean Pavone.

Happy Trails Beautiful local spots to hike for every skill level.
Smart Money The area’s top financial planners, investment managers, accountants, and other wealth advisers. Plus—their tips on saving money.
Great Legs Eight ways to get longer, leaner, toned gams.
Beyond the Beltway How to do Charleston, South Carolina—Washington style.
First Person Sharing a rental with my ex long after our divorce.


Great Places to Live
Devin Gong, owner of Copycat Co. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Our comprehensive guide to Washington’s rousing cocktail scene, including 25 favorite cocktails and 24 top places to grab a drink. Plus Jeremiah Langhorne revives Virginia cooking traditions at the Dabney.


How you can bring Scandinavian design into your home. Photograph by Andrew Propp.
How you can bring Scandinavian design into your DC home. Photograph by Andrew Propp.

Denmark to DC Turning a typical 14th Street apartment into a Scandinavian-inspired home—and how to up the style in your own rental.
Pets Grieving our animals in the age of social media.

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