February 2017: 100 Very Best Restaurants

February 2017: 100 Very Best Restaurants

100 Very Best Restaurants

Washington’s dining scene is better than ever. We should know—we visited 300-plus restaurants for this section, from a luxurious tasting room on Capitol Hill to a locavore’s dream restaurant in Loudoun County. We ranked the top 100 of them, but here’s the truth: we’d be thrilled to eat anywhere on this list. By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, Jessica Sidman, Kristen Hinman, and Cynthia Hacinli


Larry Hogan is Having a Grand Old Time As Governor

He navigated an urban crisis, beat cancer, and became America’s second-most popular governor—as a Republican in a blue state. Democrats have no idea how to respond. By Luke Mullins

The Forgotten History of U Street

Photograph by Robert McNeill, provided by Susan McNeill

Before the high-rises and luxury stores, DC’s Black Broadway teemed with African-American-owned businesses and jazz legends. By Briana Thomas.

Confession of a Washington Ghostwriter

In an adaptation from her new book, the author dishes on her career as the go-to ghost for some of Washington’s biggest bylines. By Barbara Feinman Todd. 


In Defense of Expertise: Politics has turned against insiders. It’s time to stand up for experts.

Strange Bandfellows: In the rehearsal room with Konshens the MC and his unlikely classical accompaniment.

Where & When

15 Things You Really Ought To Do This Month

Photograph by Eikoh Hosoe


David Cole: The Georgetown Law prof is the ACLU’s new top lawyer–just in time for a big challenge.

Combat Reporting: Reporters covering presidential politics used to think lawsuit threats were for others. Could that change?

Campus Politics: Having a college as a neighbor is an amenity. Too often, Washington doesn’t recognize that.


Look Cute on Your Commute: Make the winter schlep to work a little more enjoyable. 

Photographs by Laura Metzler

Camp Avid: For kids and teens bitten by the political bug, three local summer programs teach leadership–and how to win campaigns.

Whole New Ball Game: At the Nats’ new training facility, you can get even closer to the players, and visitors are welcome.

Bone Tired: The number of hip replacements has doubled in a decade, and knee replacements have tripled. Is exercise the culprit?


Rover, Come Home! How dogs from around the world found their way to Washington.

Photograph by Josh Cogan.

Whoa, Baby: Spend a little or a lot to welcome home your newest addition in style.

Neighborhood Guide: Logan Circle and Shaw

My Town: From her mansion on Logan Circle, Therrell Smith has watched the neighborhood change for nearly a century.

Working for the Weekend: Where to buy the perfect getaway house.

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