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February 2017: 100 Very Best Restaurants

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100 Very Best Restaurants

Washington’s dining scene is better than ever. We should know—we visited 300-plus restaurants for this section, from a luxurious tasting room on Capitol Hill to a locavore’s dream restaurant in Loudoun County. We ranked the top 100 of them, but here’s the truth: we’d be thrilled to eat anywhere on this list. By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, Jessica Sidman, Kristen Hinman, and Cynthia Hacinli


Larry Hogan is Having a Grand Old Time As Governor

He navigated an urban crisis, beat cancer, and became America’s second-most popular governor—as a Republican in a blue state. Democrats have no idea how to respond. By Luke Mullins

The Forgotten History of U Street

Photograph by Robert McNeill, provided by Susan McNeill

Before the high-rises and luxury stores, DC’s Black Broadway teemed with African-American-owned businesses and jazz legends. By Briana Thomas.

Confession of a Washington Ghostwriter

In an adaptation from her new book, the author dishes on her career as the go-to ghost for some of Washington’s biggest bylines. By Barbara Feinman Todd. 


In Defense of ExpertisePolitics has turned against insiders. It’s time to stand up for experts.

Strange Bandfellows: In the rehearsal room with Konshens the MC and his unlikely classical accompaniment.

Where & When

15 Things You Really Ought To Do This Month

Photograph by Eikoh Hosoe


David ColeThe Georgetown Law prof is the ACLU’s new top lawyer–just in time for a big challenge.

Combat Reporting: Reporters covering presidential politics used to think lawsuit threats were for others. Could that change?

Campus PoliticsHaving a college as a neighbor is an amenity. Too often, Washington doesn’t recognize that.


Look Cute on Your CommuteMake the winter schlep to work a little more enjoyable. 

Photographs by Laura Metzler

Camp AvidFor kids and teens bitten by the political bug, three local summer programs teach leadership—and how to win campaigns.

Whole New Ball GameAt the Nats’ new training facility, you can get even closer to the players, and visitors are welcome.

Bone Tired: The number of hip replacements has doubled in a decade, and knee replacements have tripled. Is exercise the culprit?


Rover, Come Home! How dogs from around the world found their way to Washington.

Photograph by Josh Cogan.

Whoa, BabySpend a little or a lot to welcome home your newest addition in style.

Neighborhood Guide: Logan Circle and Shaw

My TownFrom her mansion on Logan Circle, Therrell Smith has watched the neighborhood change for nearly a century.

Working for the WeekendWhere to buy the perfect getaway house.

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