15 Reasons Having Your Dog at Your Wedding is the Worst Idea Ever

We’re sure your dog is precious and oh-so-lovable, so if you bring them to your wedding, you might just feel happier and smile bigger–and who wants that on their wedding day, anyways? Here’s a few reasons why you should definitely disinvite your four-legged friend to your wedding (wink wink).

Because everyone will be staring at them in your stunning wedding portrait.

Photograph by Astrid Photography.

We love that Morgan and Kevin’s dog, Little Guy, was present for their proposal as well as their wedding day, especially because he’s So. Ridiculously. Adorable. 

They’ll try to one-up your flower girl.

Photograph by Jim Kennedy Photographers.

At Kathryn Flynn and John Windsor’s wedding, it was an all-too-adorable moment when the flower girl walked the dog down the aisle. 

Their overwhelming cuteness will distract you while you’re trying to get ready.

Photograph by Sarah Bradshaw Photography.

While Rochelle Scott prepared for her wedding to Sean McMahon, this cute pooch chilled nearby. 

Or keep your bridesmaids too busy to get dressed. 

Photograph by Hay Alexandra Photography.

Because playing with a dog, as Aileen Legg did before her wedding to Lloyd Bayliss, is so much more fun than putting on makeup. 

They’ll wear a bow tie just as well as you do.

Photograph by The Madious.

We love that Adrienne Gutierrez and Jeff Bitter look so elegant and in love in their wedding portrait, while their pooch–in a bow tie!–is expertly deadpanning the camera. 

And don’t even get them started with a tux.

Photograph by Erin Scott Photography.

The shirt! The bowtie! The jacket! This doggy tuxedo worn at Emily Brooks and Max Kuller’s wedding is killing us. 

Or a little white ensemble.

Photograph by Havar Espedal.

Looks like the bride wasn’t the only one ready to go down the aisle at Teresa and Mark Del Rosso’s wedding.

They’ll try to get in on the kissing.

Photograph by KT Merry.

As you can see from Mary Calomiris and Hi-Woon David Kang’s wedding, a quick lick to the face from cuddly pup can really interrupt a photo. 

They’ll wear a flashy outfit for attention.

Photograph by Amelia Johnson Photography.

With a pink cardigan and pink flower collar, this pup was the perfect accent for Caitlin Dean and Todd King’s pretty-in-pink wedding

Or worse, try to wear white.

Photograph by Jessica Smith.

Sometimes, it’s okay if the bride isn’t the only one wearing white, especially when it’s this spunky pooch at Caitlin and Adam Mattina’s wedding

They won’t let you put them down–even if you really need to go get married now.

Photograph by Lauren R. Swann.

If every day starts with a snuggle with your dog, why should your wedding day be any different? We love that Megan Magee took a moment to cuddle with this cutie on the day of her wedding to Jimmy Roberts

They’ll steal the show at the ceremony.

Photograph by Michelle VanTine Photography.

This French bulldog was so adorable it caught the eye of the photographer during Scott Lombardi and Jessica Bejm’s wedding

They’ll make your smile huge. 

Photograph by Michael O. Snyder and Barbara Oliveira.

Because when your dog is in a tutu, like this one was at Emily Ngo and Jimmy Chen’s wedding, you’re bound to be all smiles.

They’ll demand to be included in your family portraits.

Photograph by Rachel May Photography.

Because dogs can be family, too, as seen in Whitney Pinsonand Jonathan Herwig’s wedding

Because they think the more, the merrier.

Photograph by The Willinghams.

And, okay, we think the more, the merrier too, especially since Walt Wong and Nicole Lina met at a dog park, so it was only fitting that their pups had a place at their wedding. 

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