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May 2016: Eat Great Cheap!

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Eat Great Cheap!

Fried-chicken sandwiches, top-notch tacos, sloppy burgers, truly great Chinese—our 100 favorite spots to grab a meal for less than $25 per person. By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, and Cynthia Hacinli.

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eat great cheap May 2016
Look forward to the complete guide on how to be a Washington baseball fan. Illustration by Jason Schneider.

After the Fire

Nearly a year has passed since Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, along with their son and housekeeper, were brutally murdered and their mansion torched. But questions remain. Chief among them: Are killers still on the loose? By Harry Jaffe.

How to Be a Washington Baseball Fan

Now that we finally have our own baseball culture again, who are the Nats legends (so far)? The goats? And is it ever acceptable to root for your old home team? Here’s everything you need to know to fit in at Nats Park. By Benjamin Freed.

The Night of the Weird

At 4:35 in the morning, five days after the 1970 Kent State killings, President Nixon roused his valet and insisted they visit thousands of protesters camped out at the Lincoln Memorial. It was one of the strangest spectacles in Washington history. By Howard Means.

This Is How We Roll

At Temple Hills Skate Palace, in a strip mill at the edge of the city, they’re still dancing on wheels. Text by Talia Mindich. Photographs by Andrew Propp.

Madam Secretary’s Washington

How the CBS hit about a Secretary of State creates its version of Washington—and why the women behind the show have decided reality doesn’t always matter. By Tom Carson.

In This Issue

eat great cheap May 2016
It took only a few acerbic lines from PJ Harvey, here at a Swiss music festival, to rile Washingtonians. Photograph by Elma Okic/AP Images.

Capital Comment

DC’s self-esteem problemThe couple that litigates togetherAll The Donald’s MenBalm for gentrifier guilt.

Behind the Scenes

Hanging with week-old chicks at a farm supplying Woodberry Kitchen and other top restaurants.

Where & When

The 19 performances, exhibits, and other things worth your time this month.


eat great cheap May 2016
Kevin Merida left a stellar career at the Washington Post to run ESPN’s troubled sports website. Here’s why he can’t lose. Photograph by Joe Faradni/ESPN Images.

Interview The 29-year-old head of Independent Journal Review on making political news social—and profitable.
Books In his book about Lincoln, Clinton devotee Sidney Blumenthal uncovers a relevant ruthlessness in the 16th President.
Media Post veteran Kevin Merida quit his top newsroom job for a troubled ESPN property. Here’s why he can’t lose.
Cityscape Why Prince George’s is resisting the urbanized model that’s taking over other counties.


eat great cheap May 2016
Visit the Folger and you may feel as if you’re in England. Keep reading for more exotic staycation ideas. Photograph by Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images.

No Passport Required Eight staycation itineraries that will make you feel far from home.
Beyond the Beltway How to do Louisville—Washington style.
Safer Travels When and why to see a travel-medicine expert if you’re heading to a foreign country.
First Person Bike commuting in a dream state.


eat great cheap May 2016
Beautiful bathrooms that will inspire you to re-do your own. Photograph by Christopher Shane.

Beautiful Bathrooms Inside three soothing spaces—plus our guide to designers and sources to help you spruce up your own bathroom.
Best of Georgetown What to do, see, and eat right now.
Builder Basics What to know before you opt for custom construction.
Pets Escaping domestic violence is much harder with animals.
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