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March 2017: 50 Great Places to Work

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50 Great Places to Work

Companies and nonprofits that offer great pay and benefits, flexible schedules, meaningful work, and happy colleagues—and they’re hiring. By Sherri Dalphonse.


The Strange, Spectacular Con of Bobby Charles Thompson Fake Naval Commander, Buckraker, Washington Hanger-On

Donors all over America opened their wallets for his United States Navy Veterans Association. Politicians all over Washington posed for grip-and-grins with him. But not only was he not a legitimate fundraiser for military families—he wasn’t even Bobby Charles Thompson. A look inside the hunt to catch one of the country’s biggest con men. By Daniel Fromson. 

“You going to the March?”

In recent weeks, protesters have taken to the streets and airports. But it’s not the first time in our city’s history that demonstrations became almost commonplace. In fact, Washington may have been designed exactly for this. By Howard Means.

How to be a Bleacher-Stomping, Beer-Tossing D.C. United Fan

You may not have been paying attention, but the Black-and-Red are the winningest local sports franchise, and their new season starts March 4. Here’s what you need to know about joining the loud side and what to do once you show up. By Rosa CartagenaGreta Weber, and Amanda Whiting.


The Cat Came Back: After sightings around town, the zoo’s bobcat was recaptured not far from where she started. It’s a shame.

From Barre to Boss: Julie Kent is on a mission to make the Washington Ballet an international standout.

A Round for the Cooks: Restaurants are finally letting customers show their appreciation. With booze.

The Purloined Letter: How the Smithsonian recovered an artifact no one knew was missing.

Double Agents, Dead Drops, and Sexpionage: Some favorite spy haunts of Washington.


16 Things You Really Ought To Do This Month

Photograph Courtesy of National Geographic


We’re Sinking: DC scientist Virginia Burkett on how global warming is reshaping the local topography.

Power Playwright: Nothing in Jacqueline Lawton’s history suggested she would thrill to a story about a spy scandal. Maybe that makes her the perfect author.

The Not-So-Dismal Science: A new book shows why storytellers are better than economists—especially in Washington.

Illustration by Jonathan Bartlett

Channel 7, Where Are You: A slew of local TV legends are exiting WJLA. What’s going on?

Alleys Are BackTo understand the ups and downs of Washington, look at its alleys.


Please Don’t Say CheeseFamily portraiture today is a welcome departure from awkward studio shots. Here’s how to capture the memories.

Take a Drive: Into the Highlands: Even if you love our town, it’s nice to get away. This month: a part of Pennsylvania teeming with untamed beauty—but not tourists.

Gentle Dental: For patients afraid of going to the dentist, advances in care mean less pain and new reasons to smile.


Supersize MenuDelving into the 132 dishes at Farmers & Distillers.

Quick TakesFirst impressions of three restaurants at the MGM National Harbor.

Dish of the MonthThe best pile of pork in Washington right now.

The Other F-WordWhy do chefs hate it when their food is called “fusion”?

Going Green (and Yellow)Everything you need to know about Chartreuse.


Small SpacesThree homes make the most of limited square-footage, including one in Shaw. Plus, tips and shops for outfitting your own space.

Remember WhenFor residents of memory-care facilities, the best medicine often is reconnecting with the past.

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