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April 2017: Washington Real Estate Right Now

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Washington Real Estate Right Now

The places, people, trends, and secrets you need to know to master the market right now. Edited by Marisa M. Kashino.


How to Sell a $12-Billion House

Inside the highly entertaining world of Nancy Taylor Bubes, real-estate agent to DC’s super-rich and the top-selling agent in Washington. By Cathy Alter

40 Under 40

Photo by April Greer.

The twenty- and thirtysomethings shaping local politics, business, the arts, and other industries. Edited by Caroline Cunningham.

Virginia Tech, Ten Years Later

After 32 students and professors were gunned down, some of their families joined together to prevent future tragedies. But a decade later, they’ve learned that grief can divide as much as it binds. By Britt Peterson.

Mary Katharine Ham Is Not Here to Entertain You

How the right-wing pundit scaled the ranks of Washington media while grieving the death of her liberal-activist husband. By Elaina Plott.

The Quints Have Kids

Their birth 33 years ago was a medical triumph. Now the Pisner quintuplets have families of their own. Our reporter checks in. By Leslie Milk.

In Bloom

The easiest way to update your spring wardrobe: with a bold, fresh blouse. By Sarah Zlotnick and Hayley Garrison Phillips.


Sleeper HitDefying expectations, Trump has made Washington more culturally relevant than ever.

Photograph of SNL Photographs by NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images.

Before There Was Nerd Prom: It’s not just this president. The relationship between comedy and the White House has always been complicated.

Jocks and Toques: Washington restaurants brought to you by the names you know from the sports section.


23 Things You Really Ought To Do This Month


Jamie RaskinThe liberal Montgomery County freshman on keeping hope alive in the House.

Floor PlanInside Planned Parenthood’s high-design headquarters.

Is This Space Free? When a suburban town center started charging for parking, a culture clash followed.


Take a Drive: Richmond A historic bike trail, thrilling whitewater, new breweries, and other fun in River City.

Getting Into The Swing: Golf can be frustrating to learn. But don’t get teed off-take lessons. These five instructions are among the area’s best. Here they share a few free tips.

Park Yourself HereThe area’s 12 best parks for when you want to walk, bike, kayak, see wildlife, or otherwise enjoy the great outdoors.

Photograph of Great Falls Courtesy of NPS Photo.

Taking StockWhile Presidents have always moved markets, perhaps no White House has been so able to affect your portfolio day-to-day.


Season of The ‘WichThere’s never been a better time to eat sandwiches in Washington.

Quick TakesFirst impressions of three new Japanese restaurants.

Pick-Me-Up ArtistsA trio of José Andrés alums offer Cuban cocktails, coffee, and snacks.

Dish of the MonthFried sugar toads.

Beyond Wagyu: New breeds of designer beef are cropping up on menus. Here are three to seek out.


The Eastern ShoreHow to enjoy three of our favorite Chesapeake Bay towns right now.

Photograph of lighthouse courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

My TownEd Farley has sailed the shore for more than four decades.

Not-Forever FamiliesWashington rescues depend on hundreds of dedicated animal lovers to house foster pets until they find adopters.

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